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I think Roger pretty much covered it. I have been by Squamish a couple of times on the way to Whistler to ski - windy and rough, but it looks like a great sailing area. On a 15-25 day in that water, the 144 will be way too large to learn much, unless you can find a protected area without the big chop, but then you will have puffy winds which will also be difficult.

I weigh 79 kg and even though you think you need the 144, you shouldn't have any problem uphauling the 133 or even the 122. The 111 will be a lot more tricky at first, but very doable in time.

Roger - if you haven't seen Squamish, "river" is a bit of an understatement. There is a huge bay with good sized mountains on each side that the river feeds, and wind gets sucked up/down the river/bay much like the gorge. I am trying to remember the wind direction, but I clearly remember tons of big white caps for miles and miles.
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