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eric b 125
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Oh, i'm still here, for sure. i'm thinking about what everyone had to say, and i think what it really boils down to is having more experience. i still have a lot to learn, and i'm not so sure i'd really notice a difference at this point in a little extra outhaul or not. when the season rolls around, i'll rig as the guide says to, and i'll play with it. i like the idea of keeping a record of my settings and conditions. maybe the balance in the sail is more important for me than trying to get more out of it?

on a side note... i hear a lot of talk about NP sails, and SW, but little about gaastra. do they make good sails? the sail i was using prior to getting new equipment was a gaastra, and when i was a kid everyone at the lake was rocking gaastra. i dont really see as much anymore. is the company 'falling-off'?
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