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Default For Svein Rasmussen

Dear Svein,

first of all congratulations for your boards and for the Company you have created from scracht. i am a big fan not only of your products, but the company you have raised.

I have always followed your products, reports, interviews, everything about starboard. In many interviews you talk about your quest to make windsurf more popular, I think is a fact that windsurf industry needs more users. You have created specific boards to learn faster, to plane in 6 knots, to have fun without planning (serenity), and lately to have fun with no wind (SUP Starboard). You basically have one board for every level and windrange ...

Never thought about the price issue? Never thought of delivering the best products at the best prices in the market? Is a fact that people associate expensive with good ...

The distribution network used in the windsurf industry is way too long and is one of the factors of high final prices. Factory - Brand - Distributor - Shop - Consumer, everyone taking what? From 30% to 50% increase on their cost? VATīs and duties applied and increasing again prices.

If windsurf wants more users the brands need to deliver the products at more reasonable prices.

Nowadays with logistics and internet direct delivery to consumers is posible, you can easily take one or two operators in the distribution chain.

You are a visionary, so I think you could be the first one to do it be it with Starboard or with a parallel brand ... I bet you
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