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Hi Luis,
If you are not past the "going over the front, hooked in" stage, perhaps the heavier
GO construction would be beneficial.
If you are past that stage, or if you are willing to use some sort of nose protector for
a while (until you do get past that stage) then a Futura 122 would be my suggestion.
You will like the lighter weight, and once you are beyond the cracked nose stage, you will have better performance and better resale value.
I suggest getting the Futura 122 and using a nose pad for the short term (if you need it).
I think you will find your transition onto the Futura 122 won't take long, and if you sail at Squamish, with a bit more wind, you will adjust very quickly.
The sail sizes suggested by the other Squamish sailors should be about right.
Get some good free race sails (Retro, NCX, Gator, etc.) and you should be set.
Hope this helps,

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