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shayne, thanks for the post and the link. i checked out the boardlady website and i gotta tell ya: those modified nose protectors are quite an eyesore. what was said on the site about solid fiberglass nose protectors makes sense, though. i'm really glad you posted that, but it leaves me at a crossroads...

i used to sail a lot as a kid, so last year when i took up the sport again, i had a lot of the (very) basics down. but getting into the straps and learning to jibe had tossed me over the nose a good bit last year.

equipment is 'used' as soon as it gets wet, and i dont expect to keep everything in perfect condition especially at this stage of the game. there are good arguements either way i look at it ( nose guard or deviator ) and after reading the link i feel more conflicted than before.

i know this might seem like small beans to more advanced sailors, but i'm a nursing school student and although i expect to buy new equipment when i graduate in two years, i dont really have a lot of funds... all the extra cheddar i've had has gone into this equipment and like i said, i'm going hard this year. i've had a taste of windsurfing and right about now, i'm starving.
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