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why do you need e-mail addresses ?
I donít.

are you selling them ?
No. Would I waste my time at a windsurfing forum if my goal was harvesting addresses? Would you?

why not just post the website with the "webtool" ?
As mentioned above, we need help testing the tool. At this phase it is essential to have control over user-input and to get user-feedback. Once the URL is out, I will have neither.
Why donít I post what this tool does? I did, look at the subject of this thread.
Why donít I reveal more? Because I want to asses experience of first-time-users.

I tried sending an email, bounced 3 times. This doesn't seem very legit to me...
Sorry you experience that agrelon. You can confirm my address with the administrator of this site.
Did you replace the at with a @ and the last space with a dot? Removed ALL spaces within and outside the string? Noticed that it is getmail, not gmail?
Can you send me pm with the error message if you still get it bounced?

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