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well, today was the first session of this year on the 101. Used it with 38 Goldwing en RS 7.2. How to describe in one word: controll. The board stays very flat even in heavy gusts, ignores the chop and can handle a lot of pressure on the tail. Gybing is easy but timing in flipping over the sail is quite important, he board doesnt easily fall out the plane.
Did not use a GPS today, but im sure this board will throw a shadow on last years sessions with the old futura 101 2008...

Im a happy man!
You'll be very happy with the 101! I have a 111/2008 and I could not be more happy with it. It is a biggish board for my weight (70Kg) but I like it so much that I find myself using it a lot: best slalom board I have owned for sure. I now use a Talon 40 with it and it brought up performance a real notch in respect to the Drake it originally came with. It was a good choice not to provide a fin in 2010. As you say: easy, ultra-stable, and fast.

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