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Originally Posted by sergio_k View Post
I'd like to put in few more comment on foot strap positions /fin size, etc..
mine always all the way back with relativelly large fin, if you have problems/tail lifting,
you have choices: moving mast track forward, smaller or better fin, moving
foot straps forward, specially front ones (makes your stands wider),
all of those things will de-power you set-up but will give you better control,
so final result could be actually a better avg. speed,
as your tecnique improves, you'll be able to move all settings back again.
I found last time I was sailing that even with a 36cm fin for my 5.8m and bft5 wind I could keep the back end quite quiet. My mast track had slipped completely forward and my footstraps were in the 3/4 most forward position.

I had almost exactly the same straight line speed as my friend on an Exocet S-Cross with 6.3m and a 36cm fin so I'm going to try the following to gain the extra bit of speed I need to leave him behind me:

- Mast track middleish/back (and tighter so it doesn't slip forward)
- 4 cams on my sail instead of 2 ( theoretically it can be rigged 3 or 4 but taking out the top one was fine so I tried it)
- All footstraps back 1 knotch so 2nd most back position
- More outhaul (when I got back to the beach I realized mine had come slightly loose...)
- Smaller fin (I'm trying to find a 32cm fin as my 36cm is seriously impeding on my top end. Also, as the guy I'm up against has a 36cm fin and weighs more so generally has bigger sails logically I should have a smaller fin)

I think that with all this I should gain at least 3 knots in top end.
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