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In italy there are two brand (pont7 for sail and DROPS for boards) that have online store . The price is very competitive; point7 this year sell 1 race sail AC1 + mast 850,00 Euro.
I think the market has the power for change the direction of brand. Why starboard do very efficiciently boards but keep a very inefficient store?
I think the market today is mature for online trading and STARBOARD has opportunity to go ahead with this new trading for a good ratio PRICE/QUALITY. I remember that till last year the Starboard was very aggressive price ( 1 board slalom + 2 fins minor price Jp slalom without fin). This year the slalom boards is much expensive (1 isonic wC 1799,00 - 1 jp carbon 1600,00) .I am sure it's time in STARBOARD for 2^ revolution.
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