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Today I used the 101 for the second time, now with RS 7.8 and same fin - felt great too but a bigger fin is an option with this sail.

Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
Oh dear, now I can hardly wait to use my recently bought isonic 101 of 2009. If only that cold winter would get lost ...

kvda, did you use it on the sea or on a lake ?
Was it heavy chop (on-shore / off-shore) ?
I did use it on a salt water lake (Veerse meer) in the Netherlands witch used to be part of the sea and it still is connected with the sea. It is 'famous' for being a choppy place. Watertemperature about 3 degrees Celsius, air temperature about 9 degrees today: quite chilly.

I was long time doubting between buying a Futura or an Isonic, because I plan to use it also regularly on the sea ...
To my experience the isonic 101 (2010) is even better to controll, especially using racesails and being overpowered... sounds strange? I really believe it's true.
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