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the reason i don't like to use a bigger sail is that a 7.4 gets me going nicely in 8-14 and i'll go to another board/sail if it's blowing harder.

and if i drop the 7.4 during a gybe, and the wind picks up, it's real hard to uphaul if waterstarting isn't working.

so a 8.5 or 9.5 would be quite a handful for me.
I'm also 120lbs and I'm looking to put together a really light wind setup to maximize my windrange. I already own a 7.5m, so it's good to know that this can get you going in just 8 knots! This range, 8-14knts, would be ideal for me as I generally take my 5.8m and current board out as of 14 knots.
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