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Interesting topic.

I admit that I like to have the local windsurf shops around to have physical contact with the different windsurf products, they offer. It often tells you more about the products than you could ever obtain by looking at hundreds of images on the internet.

On the other hand, I also admit that I like to buy on-line because it is always cheaper.

Remains the thing about after-sales services of course ...
Everyone knows that these services are often much less or sometimes not existing at all with buying on-line.

I think, the way it is right now, is not that bad. Markets tend to stabilize itself automatically. Anyway, it is not only with windsurf equipement like this. My friend buys his cars & trucks on-line, often for almost 50% of the price. Dangerous you think ? Not for him, he says. It's true that he can solve a lot of mechanical problems by himself. And when he can't he always finds someone who can.
Probably, it all depends on if you believe you need the after-sales services or not.

Again, personally I believe I need the services to some extent and I definitely would not like to loose the physical contact with the products in the local shop. That's why I also buy at the local shop.

To attract more people to our beloved windsurfing sport, we need the specialized local shops for sure.
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