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I agree with Remi - a fin will make a little difference, but the sail is the real issue.

A 90 kg sailor can easily handle a 10, 11 or 12 meter sail. However, a new sail will require a new boom and mast, all pretty expensive. If you are really interested in early planing (you have an Apollo), then get a sail to complete the package.

I weight 79 kg, am 64 years old and have a sails up to 11.0 for my formula board (8-14 knots is the range for me on this sail). I drop to a 9.2 for 13-18 knots.

If you were to go for only one sail now, you could buy an 11.0 and if you wanted to, you could add a 12.0 later which would fit on the same mast and boom.

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