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I am going to go for the Kode, think is a better option for a 'progressor'.

So it's down to the 74L kode or 80L Kode. I am going to keep th 103L FSW which when I got it as my first board was tiny but I am starting to get the hang of it, perhaps in time I will change it for a 94L Kode. My sails 4.2/4.7/5.5/6.5 which so far have had pretty even use...

As its hard to rent a small on windy day I am taking the plunge... without trying one. I can waterstart all the time, and I am thinking the 74L is the best choice at my weight of 72kg. I want this for 4.2/4.7 and even windier days.

I am comfortable that I can handle the 74L board when planning, or at least will at some point My concerns with going the smaller board is that is will sink completely when slogging, and be impossible to uphaul if the wind dies, and not enough float in onshore wave conditions. (I am not expecting it be easy), but if go for the 'safer' 80 litre will I be looking to get a even smaller board which is not an option for me. As I have the safety net of the big kode what would you recommend?

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