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Default kode 94 or 102

hi kevin

i am 185 cm and 80 kilos weight.i am using up to now a freeride f2 board of 114 ltrs 63.5 wide,on my favorite place ,vassiliki and i think its time for me to go for a new board so i decided to go for a starboard freestyle wave board, the kode which is a litle bit more crossover board than any other.
i would appreciate your opinion of the size that i should choose keeping in mind that i am wingsurfing in places like vassiliki and more sideshore windy most of the times. do you think that i will face any problems with the 94?i can waterstart,planing and i can jibe not very good but i think the starboard will help me also on the jibe training

waiting for your and/or other forum users opinions.
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