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Hi agrelon,
Interesting discussion here.....
Have you ever done kite surfing?
When youi say that once the kite is up and flying, it is unlikely that the kite should fall in the water, have you ever noticed how often the kites come crashing down and must be relaunched to restart.
Have you ever seen one of the modern "self launching" kites continually crash and then relaunch, tea bagging or dragging the newbie kiter downwind until they either let go of the bar (if they can) or cut/release the lines off one side of the bar so the kite will stop relaunching and dragging them.
On a kite board, it usually takes 2 people to get the kite up and flying (this may have changed recently with the newer kites) but in order to launch a kite safely on a crowded beach it will always require two people.
OK, now the kite is up there and stalled.
As soon as you pull the bar and add some power, you are off. If you picked too large a kite for the conditions, what can you do? Pull the chicken loop and depower the kite....
yeah, and if the chicken loop does not dump enough power, what then?
As far as not tacking and jibing, the kite boarders tack and jibe just as often as the windsurfer, and they must pay constant attention to the kite to keep it flying, without having it take the control away from them.
Think of the amount of leg strain to "edge" a kiteboard to go upwind?
I agree with Ellen.
If you pick a good instructor, with top of the line, lightweight, training gear, in begnner friendly conditions, I see no reason why learning to windsurf should be any more physically demanding than learning to kiteboard.
But the same can probably be said for kiteboarding. Good instructor, the right sort of training gear, and the right kind of conditions, and kiteboarding can probably be just as safe and use about the same amount of energy.
You do get alot wetter though!

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