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Default Is isonic earlier planner than Futura??

"Hi Luc,

If you are looking for very early planning, the Futura 141 W/C can help but very close to the 133, so better at this time to switch to an iSonic 131 W/C. Big difference between your actual Futura 133 and you can keep your 122.
iSonic 131 with 9mē is absolute perfect size."

This is the answer from a formerly asked question on ask our team forum

I have a tabou Rocket 125 and are looking for a new board that will give me earlier planing. I am lookin to the Futura 133 or 144 wc. My sail combo for my big board will be ncx pro 6.5 and ncx 8.0, but I am if necessary, going to buy a bigger sail( either glide 8.5 or element8.5 or 9.5)
It is important to me that I can use my 6,5 ncx on my big board.

What board should i choose, and is the isonic an earlier planner than the futura( 131 isonic versus futura 133)?
Even if we use the same sail size?

Is the isonic realy an earlier planner?

I am 89 kg and are not yet, but almost planing throug the carve jibes. My smaller board is a fsw 104 liter

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