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Took a Wave cult 80 for a slog in gusty 15 knot conditions over the weekend, this was the first time on a small board, I wanted to see what it would be like when the wind dropped off. Had no problem slogging, waterstart was fine (when I got a gust), but uphaul was just too difficult.

I still think I need a proper wave board for the mushy waves I want to sail in the South east england. I have been told the quad/evo would work well in those conditions. But I also travel a lot and need something that can handle strong winds on flat water, but will float well when the wind shuts down, and the sharks are getting hungry :-) I don't think I would feel safe enough on the smaller kodes in those situations.

So in a around about way I have realised my current Kode 103 probably needs to go. i.e. I should get a smaller FSW and a medium size (wide style) wave board. (Two boards is the max!)

At 72Kg would a Kode 94 run a 6.5M comfortably? (My biggest sail) its 3cm narrower so I hope it should handle the windy days better than the 103? Then I can get a proper wave board for the little waves I want to ride.

What are the real volumes of the Kode 94 and Kode 103 by the way?

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