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Del Carpenter
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The original post suggested changing the distribution system to get lower prices. I think that distribution change would dramatically hurt windsurfing sales (even if the prices went down) and that would hurt windsurfing. The value of a sales person whose job is to get the sale done is quite important to the seller. The sales person is equally important to the buyer in getting the purchase done. Yes, without a sales person involved windsurfing items would be cheaper. But, with fewer workers in windsurf jobs, fewer windsurf items will be sold and then there will be fewer windsurfers.

I know it sounds a little simplistic. But we did go through this process already when we switched from having most windsurfing items sold in local stores (which also organized lessons) to having most windsurfing items sold long distance (mail order, telephone order or online). And some of the results we got from that process were fewer windsurf workers and fewer windsurfers.
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