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best of luck with the operation.
I broke my ACL skiing 5 years ago and needed keyhole surgery to clear out bits of torn miniscus etc. However I have avoided reconstructive surgery so far (mainly because I'm a chicken and also because of all the stories of the rehab period preventing me doing the things like windsurfing and skiing which I love for a whole season) I have only managed to dislocate my knee twice since the original injury playing squash so I've given up doing that now!
I tend to agree with Floyd, I had an expensive brace, which over time I have concluded really only gave me mental confidence, so I have disposed of it for skiing now and find the best form of preventing dislocations is to spend plenty of time building my quads and hamstring - I have never worn a brace windsurfing though and never had any problems, having said that I've spent more time speed sailing than in the waves since and given up looping!
I still consider having the ACL repair surgery - so will be interested in your experience, please keep us up to date.
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