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Default RE: SB Hybrid Carve and Phantom VS. Kona Exocet

I'll put my opinion, though I haven't seen or rode any of the boards mentioned.

Me I like the Kona and would give Exocet their dues on that one!

It is a tough choice whether a Kona or Serenity would be my ride as both are very nice, but with two very different applications. I like the serenity, but you can't find good images or info which is a shame!

I am waiting for to get one as they are the best online website I've seen.

So note to Starboard.... more pictures and details! I want a Serenity... but need more info comparing it to Equipes, Div 2's etc!!


p.s.. Hows does the Serenity work with a paddle and used like a kayak?
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