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Great news! I had a 2005 Carve 94 wood. It was a big waveboard: not really fast but, jibed like hell.

Though it is a bit strange that I have not seen many request on this forum for a reissue of the Carves. On the contrary, there have been request for bringing new life in the Hypersonics.

I'm still waiting for a reissue of he Hypersonic, redeveloped. I just love the capacities of the Hypesonic: planing trough lulls, close angle to the wind and the short fin. My homespot is Horst in The netherlands. There is often no more han 50 cm waterdepth. Hypersonics carry amazingly short fins with big sails.
I still surf my 2003 Hypersonic wood (good quality indeed) because there is no other board on the market with these unique selling points. Therefore I'm willing to pay the full price for a evolutioned Hypesonic 2011.

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