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Originally Posted by John1 View Post
I thought the kode is an evolution from the Carve.
I don't think so. The Kode is an evolution mix between the Acid and the Kombat, between a classic waveboard and a freewave/crossover. By contrast, the Futura is a mix between the S-Type, the Carve and the iSonic, between a supercross, a freeride and a dedicated slalom, thus giving rise to a new "freeslalom" category.

However, the Carve line has quite evolved during 9 years. In the early design, emphasis was more on freeride/freemove character whereas the late designs were more on performance freeride.

Quite curious how the new Carve will compare to large Futura and large Kode...? A pure freeride positioned between a freeslalom and a crossover ?

Cheers !

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