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Ian Fox wrote:
Hi Julian,

the new Code:Reds will be setup to accept RDM option in the smaller (speed) sizes inc 4.6m/5.6m (these sizes are tuned to SDM Blue Line, masts not 100%RedLine anyway) . You will be able to use your RDMs doubling into wave use + also have the bonus of more bulletproof masts ~ in case of serious speed wipeouts .

OK, sounds good, but what about the spacers? I heard that if you put a fullrace sail on a RDM mast, you'll need to put in a lot of spacers, not quite the thing that I had in mind Any reason to buy the 400 RDM in Redline, will it make a better combination with the CR 5.6?

RDM has a theoretical lower drag and usually tests better with acceleration but the rig at top end is potentially not quite as super stable as with SDM.

In what way is this notable for a ''regular'' sailor like me? Sail gets nervous when sailing with 7.7 in 20 knots?

With a softer sail setting the rider is less likely to be lifted with a big gust (sail/mast deforming more to absorb the gust impact - but at the same time becomeing abit less efficent etc). For the larger sizes, the RedLine SDM is a very important part of the extra performance (including the very precisely matched mast/luff curves).

So what you're saying is that for lightweight sailors (like me ) an RDM in a smallsized race sail is a smart thing to do, because (just trying to get this right ):

- Sail planes a little later, but is controllable for a longer time
- Can control gusts better
- The luff curve doesn't really cares whether you put in an RDM or an SMD?

Sleep easy at night. No worries.

I am, I am

Cheers ~ Ian
Thanks Ian, great help! If you could answer these last questions for me as well, I'll sleep like a baby
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