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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post

The more I think of your 36 cm fin, the more I find it way too large with a 5.8 sail when overpowered in 6-7 Bft for your 54 kg rider weight.

For illustrative purpose, this is what I'm using with a 5.4 sail in well to over-powered up 20-25 knots of wind (all 4 footstraps outboard and back):
-Hypersonic 105 (77 cm max width/54 cm width OFO): 26 cm slalom fin. A 32 cm slalom fin is too large.
-Carve 111 (63 cm max width/40 cm width OFO): 26 cm slalom fin. A 32 cm freeride fin is too large.
-Kombat 86 (59 cm max width/39 cm width OFO): 24 cm wave fin. A 30 cm freeride fin is too large.

BTW, I'm on Acid 62 + 4.7 m2 wave sail + 20 cm fin in true 6-7 Bft (25-30 knots wind). The stronger the wind, the smallest the gear should be picked up for a light weight rider to still be in 100% control when fully lit in choppy seas. The Carve 111 is for sure too big with a 4.7 sail for me whereas the Kombat 86 is still barely manageable with a 4.2 sail up to 7-8 Bft (2 front straps inboard and front; single rear strap centered and front. All 4 footstraps outboard and back was just impossible to keep sailing the board trimmed flat & fast).

Cheers !

Thanks JM for this answer.

Indeed, a while ago on this forum I was recommended to use super small boards (60-70l) at my weight in high-winds. The problem with my spot (Hong Kong) is that the wind is extremely unstable and gusty. In order to get to a more stable windline, I have to exit the bay and then it's full open water. I much prefer this as the wind is much more stable and you can launch off some great breaking swell.

I've been caught out once or twice even outside of the bay where the wind has dropped to less than planning conditions which is why I'm not opting for anything smaller than 95l for the moment.

I've gotten a 32cm fin for my board which is 63cm wide and when nicely powered up the board is perfectly balanced with the outboard straps, no need to dig my heels in to keep the board flat. I have yet to try this fin out in over powered conditions, but for the moment it's much better than the 36cm.

Thanks for your advice.
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