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Default 2005 Kombat 85 - Is it worth getting?

I'm based in Korea and have a Kombat 89 which I'm very happy with, particularly with the way I can get use out of it even in light 6.5m winds with a large 30cm fin.
I would like a similar board to keep in the UK for my frequent visit. Initially I thought I'd just get used Kombat 89 or 87, however I've now seen a used Kombat 85 at a good price which I'm interested in. And here's why. I'm 70kg, and at 50 years old and find the Kombat 89 just a touch too fast for me over heavy chop or when overpowered. I like jumping, I play in waves when they're around (but I'm not hard-core) but I'm not too concerned about ultimate speed. I use sails from 4.5m to 6.5m. The reviews I've read about the 2005 K85 including postings on this forum indicate that this would be a good board for me. My only concern is that I will loose out on the light wind ability of the 89. I've read the phrase "slower to plane" a number of times. Does this mean that it just takes more technique and effort to get up on a plane or does it mean that I would need more wind?
Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.
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