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Default Bubble at the bottom 2009 isonic

Hi, I just purchased 2009 isonic 122 second hand looks in great shape overall . It arrived today and at the first check I saw a bubble about 5 cm diametre at the bottom (water side ) and pushing the thumb gently it feels a bit spongy. I'm really concerned about it .
1- Is it better to leave it as it is or do I have to fix it?
2- What is the proceedure of fixing?
"Sending the board to the dealer is not an option, I have to fix it myself."

One more thing, on the upper surface ( wooden side ) there are three milky looking areas which are dull and not transparent like the rest of the wooden surface of the board. These milky areas are 10x10cm big squares ( This is the first time I'm owning a starboard so I'm not so familiar if these are signs of something wrong or just normal.

I'll be very happy if you reply me soon..

Mesut Dogruc

I took a picture of the bubble with cellphone which is very low quality.. I hope it helps.
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