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Hi Remi!
I am sorry, but I am a bit confused by your answer. I am also considering bying a futura 133 and a glide 8.5(my weight is 89 kg).
Aim: early planning but still be able to sail comfortably with my new ncx pro 6.5.
According to Severne the recommended sail size is 6.0-9.5.
9.5 is a square meter bigger than glide 8.5, and you also recommend the overdrive 8.5 as the ideal sail for futura 133.
Is the glide in a special posistion here, since 8.5 is not recommended by you for this board?(Like it has power of a 9.5-10 meter sail and this is why it is necessary with a bigger board matching this?)
Is not the sail size recommendation valid for the glide?

I guess what I am asking is this: Is F133 a good board for both ncx pro 6.5 and the glide 8.5? Or should i rather stick to my "old" 2009 ncx 8.0

Thank you very much for any respons.
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