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Hi Mesut,
It's a little hard to tell from your photo is this little "bubble" is toward the nose or
toward the tail of your used iSonic.
If this is toward the nose, I would not worry about it.
The nose comes out of the water almost immediately so the bubble is not going to be in an area with any real stress on the skin of the board.
If you wish to repair it, you would need to open the bubble to see if there is a void
Then fill any void, sand the skin back at least 1/2" all around the bubble and rebuild the skin with layers of glass cloth, wood, and carbon, if your board has carbon in the layup.
Use epoxy resin and fair the repair in with the surrounding area, then repaint.
As far a "cloudy" areas on the top (wood) side, I would watch it to see if it's "spreading", but there is not much you can do (beyond coating the area with thinned epoxy or 2 part polyurethane varnish if you feel it's cloudy because it's taking in water.
The water would probably never make it in any further than the wood layer, but if the wood grain "raises" you need to seal it up.
Hope this helps,
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