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I am sorry but what does it means to fill the void with layers of glass, wood and carbon? You do not fill voids with fabric. If you have a void in a board, it means that the sandwich has collapsed and the only way to fix that is to inject some heavily microspheres loaded epoxy (small void), polyurethane (bigger void), or (1) cut out the area, (2) make a hard foam patch, (3) epoxy it in, and then, but only then, (4) laminate a localized layer of glass (4oz) to protect the patch. You can do any of those fixes without a vacuum pump and there is no need of carbon, multiple layers of fabric will not fix the problem, and certainly you do not want to use "wood" (and even if where is he going to find the proper one?).

Mdgoruc: try to talk to some pro, the "board lady" closed shop but still answers e-mail and her web site has a great collection of repair suggestions. Mike Lab's or any other local builder can also give you advise on fixing the board.

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