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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
It's certainly too small to start planing as of 6 knots of wind.

Again, your combo is for sure way too small to plane as of 6 knots of wind. With a 77 cm wide board and a 7.7 m2 sail, I need 11 knots of wind to start and sustain planing with my 65 kg. With the same board + larger fin and a 11 m2 sail, I need 7 knots of wind. To plane as of 6 knots, I need a Formula and an 11m2 sail. The difference between planing in 11 knots or in 6 knots of wind is huge: 4 Bft vs 2 Bft wind.

I'm pretty sure Morane can plane as of 6 knots of wind with a Formula and a 10 m2 sail, but the initial question was whether a Formula is mandatory to achieve this goal at 54 kg. Let see what Morane has to say about that.

Cheers !

Could an iSonic 131 WC take an 11m2 ? I think that this board might be a better option for me than a full on formula board as I own a 7.5m2 sail which should work better with an iSonic 131 than a formula. If this iSonic can take this huge sail then it could be quite versatile with my 7.5m, giving it a pretty massive windrange.
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