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Excellent video. A no wind day becomes funny.
Longboards do have a place on the market. To be honest, more than 50% of the days where I want to go windsurfing the wind is too low or just too shitty, even for my formula and +10 sail. I love blasting my iSonic in heavy winds, but this kind of surfing is only 20% of my time on the water due to lack of wind.
I've got myself an old Equipe 372, and now everything from + 5 knots of wind is a surfing day. And don't worry, I've clocked + 26 knots on it easily in medium winds with a 8.5. Longboards can be quite quick.

I wonder how the hybrids like the 320 work compared to "real" longboards (380 cm) in light wind.

Old designs vs. new designs? Anybody have experience?

;-) Per
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