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-Lampi- wrote:
The best thing to do is to look at what kind of mast the sail is designed for.

I understand you're telling my that, and it's also my first intuition. But when I get to choose from:

1) Buying two (expensive!) masts and hearing that they don't really have a huge difference
2) Buying one masts that will work fine with both fullrace as well as wavesail, not perfect, but not notable for a regular sailor.

Then I must admit I will opt for the second option. However if there is a significant difference in the performance, I won't ''hurt'' my sails and put a wrong stick in 'em B)

For exsample I'm using RDM masts on all my hot sails maui sails, but on the NP expression i use a SDM, no matter the sail size.

Are those camber induced sails you're talking about?

The most important thing about the mast is - for me - that it has a lot of carbon in it (at least 75%). Although a C100% RDM is less likely to snap than a C100% SDM mast because it has thicker ''walls''.

I agree with you on that point, and that's why I'm wondering if there are any differences. If not, I will buy a Red Line RDM 400 and Blue Line 370 because of the fact that these masts are both lighter and more durable.
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