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Hi Jawa
Thank you very much for responing two times, very helpful!
To day I have an JP X-cite ride 120 with NCX 8,0 and NCX pro 6,5
combined with a JP Freestyle Wave 93 and Gator 5,5 and 4,7

To be able to sail more in light wind I will shange out the JP X-cite ride 120 with a Futura 141. Sails for the Futura 141 will be a Glide 8,5 combined with the NCX 8,0 I allready have.

But then I think that I have to shange out thr JP Freestyle Wave 93 with a little bigger board that can take the NCX pro 6,5 (Futura 101?).
This is because I want to be able to alternate the NCX 6,5-rig between the Futura 141 and the Futura (?) 101 when the wind conditions is just in between!

For the few days with 12 m/s + I have to sail with the new Futura 101/Kode 103 and my smallest sail; Naish 4,2

My sailing preferences is manely blasting, jibing and jumping (intermediate level). But the most important thing for me is to be able to sail when I have the opportunety inbetween two small kids, wife and to much work..

So Jawa, can you please give me some more advices?
And why do you recomend so strongely a tuttle fin??

Very thankful if Remi altso could respond.

Regards Jacob
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