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The 320 may be more controlled and efficient in higher winds compared to a traditional long board. But anyway in 20 knots a formula will probably beat both of them.
I have both formula and a 372 longboard. What I'm thinking of is if a 320 will give me the best of both worlds? I don't mind loosing some marginal formula planing in favour of the longboards glide and excellent pointing.

The 372 is very efficient in very light stuff due to a very long waterline length. It gives 1 knots of speed per each knot of wind (yes I point 50 degrees to the wind at 8-10 knots of speed in 8-10 knots of wind - and I have fun "killing" any sailing yacht on my spot) Can the 320 beat this?

Will the 320 carry a 10m sail and plane well with it?
Will it compare on speed with a formula on a broad reach (no extremes) in t.ex. 15 - 20 knots of wind?

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