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Default Isonic 111 and Talon 40

Some impressions after multiple goings with my Is-111 2008 with Hot Sail GPS 7.3 and Tectonics Talon 40.

What a difference the Talon makes in respect to the Drake that originally came with the board! Two things stand out: (1) control, the 111 is my big board but it feels much more agile (easier to change direction in particular) and manageable, (2) spin out resistance: very very hard to spin out, if one induces a spin the recovery is almost immediate

Top speed, uptake etc.. is very difficult to measure, although the board feels very smooth at speed and it keeps accelerating very sure-footedly. (1)-(2) above of course increase average speed (and fun) quite a lot.

I am quite surprised by the difference in performance, I was expecting to find small differences but it is quite the opposite. Comparison with other top-of-the-line fins (I have Goldwing, Vector Rocket, Mirage) is much harder ... I don't even try although I am selling my Goldwing 36 (drop me an e-mail) to get a bigger Talon.

It was indeed a very good idea to deliver the 2010 Isonic without fins, I wander how much better a board like a Futura would go with a top of the line fin.

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