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My experience with the 320 (09 model)is that it is much more like the longboard than formula.

I have found it to be faster than most of the dinghies upwind, It can easily do 50degrees to the wind, but those with kites and spinikers always win downwind in nonplaning conditions.

It will carry the 10m sail and plane with it very comfortably but will be slower than the formula probably in every direction in winds over 15knots. (for Darko-Z) I have owned and RSX and I would say it would also be faster in every direction over 15 knots.

I find the 320 on par with the longer boards in 8 to 12 knots but a bit slower in lighter winds, and more so downwind.

Per - Your present two board solution is probably the best but if you only want to have one board, the 320 would be a good option.

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