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I think the Futura 122 is a good choice. My first "short" board after moving on from beginner boards was a Bic Techno 130l. At first this seemed difficult to tack and demanded better foot placement (even at my 54kgs). However, after 1 year of sailing different boards (keeping the Bic in France for 2 months in Summer and spending the year in Hong Kong where I sailed about 1-2 times a week) I came back to find the Bic much too big and heavy for me, and my speeds plateaud at about 22knots on it.

Having learnt how to waterstart/use harness and footstraps in the one year between purchasing the Bic, I moved onto a 106l board and automatically had a lot more fun as I could go so much faster and start jumping. Now I'm trying to sell the Bic.

Moral of the story?

In windsurfing as you progress you will want to change your kit to smaller, faster and more performing (and this is expensive). Therefore, although you might struggle slightly at first on the F122, in time you won't come to beat yourself for not taking a smaller board which would allow you to go faster and jibe better. A 130l was too big for me, but with your additional 30kgs the 122 will allow you good performance all while remaining friendly enough to learn on.

Hope this reinforces your decision. Cheers.
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