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I'm sorry to say that the new casings haven't solved the problem.
I used them last week probably about five hours. Today I went out and the CB poped out after 15 minutes. The edges of the holes in the casing a slightly chipped but not too badly damaged

I mentioned to my local shop when I picked up the casings, that I think there are still two problems.
- The length of the pivot pin
- The widening in the bottom of the CB slot near the rubber strip that keeps the water out.

These are still allowing the casings to separate enough to let the CB slip out.

I didn't want to do anything that could void my warranty, but I have put some epoxy filler in to close the gap between the casings and the CB slot walls, in that section where the pin sits.

I have cut a stainless pin which is 2mm longer which I could use. that was the longest that could slide into the slot. It is not as tight a fit in the CB hole as the brass pin but it sticks in position well enough with a little bit of electrical insulation tape in the hole with it. It would probably be better if Starboard could provide a longer brass pin.

I have sent a claim through the wholesaler but is there anything else I should be doing or not doing?

also my question in the last post was not answered.
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