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Default North Ram F8 5.8m: Optimal Rigging

Hi all,

I've had this sail for a while and have a question about how to rig this sail optimally.

I'm rigging it on a 430 RDM mast (100% carbon) and I think I may need some spacers on the cams to compensate for the reduced diameter of the mast. This is because when I downhaul the sail to the point where the leech is loose to the indicated mark on the sail, the profile of the sail is very flat. I'm thinking that with some spacers I can get a deeper draft in the sail with the same amount of flapping leech.

Would this be the case?

Also, would this make the sail faster?

I've read somewhere that for optimal top end speed the sail needs to be downhauled to the max. Is this the case?

It's hard for me to figure out the best tuning for this sail as I get at best 1 good wind day a week, with the wind being very gusty.

Any comments are appreciated, thanks.(Btw, I've never had any issues with cam rotation, they rotate well no matter the downhaul setting and I'm running all 4 cams)
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