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Hi Mark H,

Thanks for this detailed answer! When I bought the sail (2nd hand) it didn't come with any spacers I shall have to make some. According to you, roughly how much spacing do two large spacers and one normal spacer provide in mm?

I've already put a bit of batten tension on the lower battens but failed to remove the vertical wrinkles in my sail totally. I watched a tuning video online which said that there is no way to break the sail by overtensioning (though in time the sail panels might stretch) so I'm going to try to apply a bit more. I found it annoying that the tensioners use 2 different allen key sizes, though.

The mast is not NS RDM, unfortunately, it's a Gulftech. I think the bend curve works quite well with the mast as I tried another mast, this time 400, and the leech of the sail was lot less defined, although rigging was easier.

I look forward to trying this new setup soon,

JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
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