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Hi again,

It is really all about finding the best two board quiver for a very specific sailing location. I do not know if you have allready ordered the F 141, but if I where in your position I would chose the following setup:
Big Board: F 131 wood carbon. Crisp. Super fast. Super fun. At your weigth, and with a powerful cam sail, I rekon you will be smokin from 5-6 m/s. I have sailed the board, and was powered up at 6-7m/s with a smaller sail (7,0m2 RS Neil Pryde), and a not ideal fin (40 or 42 cm standard Drake). The board sailes like a small board, wich my Carve 140ish did not. The fun factor means alot to me, and I would gladly sacrifice the 1 m/s lower planning threshold of a F141, which I admit I have not sailed. I expect the F131 to still be a great ride at 12 m/s, but from 9m/s onwards you would switch to your smaller board.
Small Board: I would go for the Acid 94 - Wood will do. Plenty of speed and control in a rough seastate, and you will be rocking until you max out your wind registre at 16 -18 m/s. For the average 10 m/s to 12 m/s you will be perfectly dialed. I also have to do my sailing in between the obligations which come from having to smallish kids. My sailing level is experienced but by no means radical. I know how to load up the fin properly for a slalom style ride, and can exit my jibes still planing. The two boards mentioned would also be my preferred setup - even at 100 Kgs.
Regardless of your eventual decission - Best of winds, and enjoy the ride !
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