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Default I think I tricked my Carve 121...

Yesterday I was using a 9m North IQ sail on my carve 122. To keep it going I had to have all my weight on the back foot. Not much fun.

I don't know much about this sort of thing but I thought to myself maybe this is right on the limit of how big a sail this board can handle. I figured a bigger board would be more suitable but I didn't have one.... so in a burst of pure genius I moved the mast foot forward all the way.

My theory was that this tricked my board into thinking it was another 5cm longer. This gave the board the confidence to stand up to that big bully of a sail. They would come to an uneasy truce and decide to work together...

Anyway, it worked. I went real fast and had a much better time than if I'd had my bigger board.

My question: umm... I forgot, sorry...

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