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Default Sail recommendations?

I have a perfect situation since I can choose the board and the rig I want and my lovely husband pays it all. Perfect but not easy...

I think I'll have Rio S. I'm able to handle GO with 6,3 Gaastra Echo (not in a very stylish way) but I think I would enjoy Rio more. Next summer's goal is to find footstraps and learn to use harness and some sunny day maybe plane too.

It's mainly light wind on the lake. My weight is 60 kg. Do you have any idea what sail would match Rio S so that it's easy to handle but could get me planning? Is 6,5 sail big enough? It doesn't have to be pink but easy rigging would be great. My husband would buy me Severne NCX 7,5. Do you think it would be a good choice? There's not that many used sails on the market so buying a used one is not an option.

Thanks for answering! Wish you all the best for the spring and the summer!
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