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Default How the f*** do you jump on little chop?

I was cranking along the other day on my carve 121 at a far superior speed to this hot (not in a gay sense) guy on a 94litre F2. I was having trouble planing as early as him but would fly past him no problem once planing (Yep, it's not spelt "planning' ...)

The thing is, even though he was alot slower than me, he could jump these little chops and get his entire board and body higher than my head. And he would float there in mid air for like three seconds then land and carry on.

So like a good keen man I tired to copy him. I tried to jam my weight on the back foot going up a chop and bend my knees like a homo 80's skier... the few times I actually got air (as in, about 6 inches) I sort of broke both my legs (thankfully not permanently) every time after an ungraceful landing involving large quantities of whitewater and sphincter loosening.

I should add that i am not exactly Kauli Seadi. Although some people say I look alot like Mel Gibson...

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