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Default Boardseeker test of Quad 76

Ok guys - Boardseeker mag seem to be trying to set themselves up as a new pan european testing authority on windsurfing gear - and so far seem to have been pretty balanced about it.

But what a weird test for the Q-76 the french, germans and even the printed UK magazines loved it .I heard that one of the UK magazine testers bought a Q-76 for himself after doing the test.

I'm wondering whether they have been "bought" by Quatro - all they seem to do is bang on about the Quatro twins and quads and at the first opportunity they had to really have a go at SB they fully piled in there.

The UK distributor puts lots of advertising the way of boardseeker and their boss even had a quatro shaped for him a few years back.

Kinda makes you think they are not at all impartial.

As a UK customer who has bought (and loves) the Q76 convertible i'm really upset and angry about this as it'll no doubt impact severley on my boards resale value- plus all the "trendy" kids will think i'm a muppet.

Glad to get that off my chest.
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