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I have sailed the hyper 111 for 5 years with sails ranging from 5,5 to 9 sqm V8 sails. This board revolutionized my time on the water. Pre hyper - I went sailing when I had time and the wind was blowing, post hyper acquisition - I went sailing when time allowed, wind was no longer a factor.

There are a few factors to consider before buying on though. The stubby design makes it more difficult to pull the rig compared to a similar sized carve.
The fin is relatively small (stock fin is 42 cm). In the beginning, I struggled quite a bit to get the board into plane as I loaded the fin to early, causing spin outs (if that is what you call sideways sailing at 5 knots). There are a few threads her about this issue. On the other hand, in high winds and choppy conditions, the problem is opposite, the board accelerates so fast that you are blasting away at maximum speed before you have managed to put your feet in the straps. (I prefer to put the straps all the way out and back).
Jibes are also a bit tricky, you got to get the weight distribution right.
The short bow makes fast sailing in choppy conditions quite scary. You get the feel that it will nosedive into the next wave. Said so, it never does.
I guess the board was discontinued as it is a full fledged slalom board which require a fine tuned rig and rider - but it is not as fast as the Sonic/ Isonics of the world. But if you have the skills - I would claim that it is the best board money can buy as a one board solution for blasting purposes.
(ps - I weigh 80 kg and for me planing at 13 knots is a breeze. I believe that it should be possible for you as well, but to be sure, you should get more advice on this)
Good luck
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