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I am blessed with the prescence of greatness in the name of Roger... thank you Guru!

mmm interesting... I do like a challenge. The biggest challenge may be managing to buy the board without my wife noticing... But seriously, I would love to have that board because it seems to be such a polarising, radical, game changer. It would be like owning a 1974 fender telecaster. (Or whatever year they came out with it was). Riding it for the first time would be like having sex with a hermaphrodite. As in, you may not like it but it would be a crying shame to turn down the opportunity if it came along... OK maybe I need to find another metaphor...

Anyway, let's assume I will sink unless moving. (the carve pretty much does this already if I take longer than 3 seconds to uphaul my 9m) I don't mind waterstarting with my 9m, so assuming i can get the rig up in light winds do you think I will thereafter have a more speedy and satisfying session with the Hyper vs. the carve?

Maybe this is a new thread, but it is interesting they made the boards simply thicker to boost volume. This must surely be of value only in an uphauling situation vs. a waterstart situation. I say this because in a W/start you have effectively admitted defeat in trying to stand and uphaul and are using the hull shape (as it moves forward) to rise and hold your weight. In theory if all hypers had the same shape on the bottom surface they would all rise equally well once moving. Do you agree guru? Once the boards are cruising/planing all that extra volume would be well above the waterline so it would just be useless weight wouldn't it? I think us big guys should get extra width or something with our extra volume, in any board that is primarily expected to be waterstarted.

I am so jealous of you rich guys that can buy new gear.
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