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John Kemsley
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Hmmm not sure there, I had a 111 it was ok, but at my weight 95kg I found the 133 much better.

It was an awesome board when planing, though there was no acceleration just slow then "shit this is scary" - it also went thru lulls really well. When not on the plane it was an absolute pig - slogging on one is not a comfortable experience.

I loved mine, but it was only when i moved on to a more "normal" shape that I realised how technical it had been to sail.

It went upwind like stonk, was really quick, could take a 9.4 lightning down to a 6.0. It fits in any vehicle (short as). Short fins means shallower water that other boards.

My advice see if you can have a demo, its like marmite - you will love it or hate it.
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