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Default Serenity: rent/test in North Italy? Shorter model?

I'm really fascinated by the Serenity. I live in Venice, yes right in the watertown, and here in summetime winds around 3-4 knots are usual. The Serenity would mean fun almost everyday, instead waiting for rare north-east strong winds. Couriously traditional boats here are similar to Serenity, long and narrow, think at gondolas and you'll understand...
Can you tell me where's the nearer Starboard windsurf center provided by Starboard with a Serenity to rent and test, better new model? Garda Lake? The nearer centre I've found is in Podersdorf, Austria, not just "around the corner"... I asked it in Porto Pollo Sardinia center two years ago, but they knew and had the Gemini, they didn't know even what was the Serenity.
And also: are you planning a shorter version of Serenity? Yes 460 means the maximum speed, but not the maximum easyness of carrying it, so a 360 also little wider in the middle could be a must, imho.

p.s: and also my girlfriend name is... Serena!
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